Myers Ganuong elementary school 2020

Our Big Idea

Myers Ganuong looks to address grid stress by storing renewable solar energy in the form of thermal energy, offering nearby residents an economic alternative for their energy demand. The elementary will look to the summer monsoon season to capture and utilize heavy rains that previously flowed away from the site. The elementary’s common typology across Tucson schools ensures that the combined water and energy efficiency strategies employed there can be implemented broadly across the 114 other elementary schools in Tucson to increase the greater community’s resilience through energy independence. This in turn will reduce the state’s reliance on carbon-based fossil fuels, greatly reducing our emission of greenhouse gases.

Our Team

Carina Eichorst

Team Lead

Wen Xie


Alec Kelly-Jones

Energy Modeling

Britt Wachter


Community & Industry Partners

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Project Report Highlights

Project report available upon request.